Renfroe Grading offers the following among other services.

*Turn Key Site Work

*Clearing and Grading


*Storm Drain

*Sanitary Sewer

*Fire and Domestic Water

*Hydraulic Hammers

*Erosion Control

​*Retention Pond Maintenance 

*Equipment Rental

*Site Development

Renfroe Mining and Grading offers clients site development services to construct projects already designed and engineered.  In the growing Atlanta market, the most critical decision is the site.  Our team of professionals has an excellent track record of completing projects within budget and on time.  Renfroe Mining and Grading works to ensure the most effective layout for future projects and provides storm drainage, sewer systems, grading and building ready pads.


Our network of architects, engineers and project managers will work with clients to utilize value added engineering concepts to maximize the project potential while lowering costs and project delivery schedules.

 *Construction Management

Renfroe Mining and Grading also offers Construction Management for clients who desire a knowledgeable company overseeing their project.  We will ensure the job is completed in the most effective manner.

 *Pre-Construction Services

Pre-Construction Services are one of Renfroe Mining and Grading's premiere services.  From site cost analysis and budget estimates we can deliver value added engineering and accurate project schedules prior to beginning a project.  With our ability to coordinate with architects, engineers, subcontractors and local government agencies, the customer can truly know the product they will receive and the time frame to expect.